Music to Light the World 501(c)(3) and Get Music Give Hope℠ are supported 50% from CD sales and performances and 50% from donations. All donations are tax-deductible.

Offering peace, rest, hope and healing has been at the heart of Music to Light the World since its founding in 2004. People have shared amazing stories about the music making a difference in their life or health circumstances. Get Music Give Hope℠ is an initiative where Music to Light the World donates one album to a cancer center or hospital for every album purchased.

Your donation will help us give away more performances and CDs to those in need. You can use our online store to make your secure, one-time tax-deductible donation in one of the following amounts:

Alternatively, you can become a recurring donor by choosing one of the following options. Your card will automatically be billed the specified amount each month. You can cancel at any time by simply emailing info@stantonlanier.com.